The Future of Bridal Fashion: A Style Evolution

While we at Avita are mostly concerned with wedding and engagement rings, we enjoy and appreciate what other jewellers are doing in the world of wedding jewellery, always eager to stay at the helm of the wedding industry. Having spoken to many brides over the course of the past few months, we have noticed some emerging trends; some that we love and some that are fabulously bizarre!  

The Forehead Band 

Made famous by the Boho bride, it seems the forehead band is back on trend, with brides working with all sorts of styles expected to walk the isle with a headdress. This dramatic style that rests closer to the hairline than the traditional headband is a huge key signifier, being a common look on the runways of 2017 Bridal Fashion Week.  

The Choker  

As well as being a popular item sold in the high street, chokers are also making their way to the weddings of 2021, with various wedding magazines picturing brides in lace, feather and even chain versions. As an eye-catching alternative to the humble necklace, many dress designers and incorporating a choker as part of the design.  

Hoop Earrings 

Though a surprising trend, it appears that hoop earrings are also set to be worn during this year's wedding season, with thin, small hoops providing a delicate contrast to big dresses and bold make-up. Providing a double dose of personality, it is safe to say that hoops are not expected on a bride; just another example of how brides are tearing up the rulebook this year.  

Statement Earrings  

In addition to hoops, we are also seeing a lot of statement earrings, with longer versions that dangle down to the shoulder coming up a lot in industry magazines and on runways. As a great way to accessorise an A-line gown, this is a trend that we at Avita are thoroughly enjoying!  

Cocktail Ring  

Costume rings are often avoided by brides, not wanting anything to outshine or upstage their engagement or wedding ring. However, the brides of this season are a lot more daring, deciding to wear larger costumer rings on their right hand. Deviating the eye away from the ring finger, this particular trend is not ideal (in our opinion).  

Let us know what you think, will you be wearing any of the above items on your big day?