Designing Your Partner's Ring: Craft a Symbol of Your Love

Here at Avita Jewellery, we are passionate about offering a bespoke service to our customers,  understanding how important and poignant searching for that all-important engagement ring is. Taking time to get to know our customers, nothing excites us more than learning of a man's plans to get down on one knee. Eager to help make popping the question a truly unique experience, we are huge advocates of customised engagement rings, thrilled to offer a 'design your own' service through this very website.  

Undecided on whether or not you wish to go bespoke? Here are a few reasons that may sway you. 

Add Extra Element Of Surprise

While getting hitched seems like 'the thing to do' when you have been dating for a few years, it is the man's job to ensure the proposal is nothing but special, not just the next phase of the relationship. This can be achieved by ensuring the ring takes centre stage during this unforgettable moment. By designing the ring yourself, you will only enhance the surprise, making your proposal memorable for all the right reasons.  


Though tradition says that men should save around three months of wages to spend on the engagement ring, times have changed, with more focus placed on the sentiment and the ring itself. If you have a budget in mind, then designing your own ring may be a great option for you, allowing you to pick and choose which elements you want and which you don't. Keeping your budget in mind through every stage, you can select a band, stone and style that bets reflects your partner's style.  

Show That You Know Her

By taking the design of the ring into your own hands, you are given the opportunity to create something truly fabulous, showing your bride-to-be that you understand her, her tastes and the kind of jewellery that will put a smile on her face. What we at Avita have found is that men that go down this route also enjoy a real sense of pride when seeing the finished product for the first time!  

Save Time

Having supported thousands of men during this important shopping spree, what we have found is that many have a particular ring in mind, having created a vision in their head that they find hard to locate in jewellers. With every option seeming underwhelming when against this vision, sometimes, designing your own can be the only way forward, saving you time travelling up and down the county to look for a ring that doesn't exist.  

If you are interested in learning more about designing your partner's engagement or wedding ring, contact us at Avita Jewellery today.