Everything You Need To Know About Eternity Rings

An Eternity Ring is most commonly worn by women, although some men use them as engagement rings or wedding bands. The majority of people think of Eternity Rings as the ultimate gifts given by a spouse or partner, marking and celebrating an important occasion within the relationship. This could be a wedding anniversary, a birth of a baby or even a birthday.

Every Eternity Ring is circular shape. This is because it symbolises a lasting love and everything it is to endure. However, due to their diamond encrusted bands eternity rings are one of the most difficult to make; certainly being the fine works of skilled craftsmen.

How Is An Eternity Ring Different From Any Other Ring?

The band of an Eternity Ring is usually made of gold or platinum and the traditional elements are the diamonds or gems around it. Some couples decide on “half” eternity rings, which generally only have diamonds along the top of the band. However, most people do decide on full eternity rings as they are seen as more beautiful and ‘full’ of diamonds. Of course, this makes them look more glamorous, giving a poignant moment in a relationship the attention it deserves.

What Is The History?

The symbol was a powerful one during Old Egyptian Hieroglyphics, which represented eternity. When the symbol of a ring and union was first thought of, the Egyptians invented the wedding as a way of representing the union between two people.

Since then, archaeologists have uncovered simple carved bones in ancient Egyptian tombs which acted as a ring. These rings eventually inspired the meaning of an eternity ring as they had the same carvings and gems encrusted.

What Does The Name Symbolise?

The word eternity connects with the word eternal, which is how the modern eternity ring has been identified. However, some people call Eternity Rings ‘Infinity’ Rings, but this term isn’t as popular and much less known.

When To Gift An Eternity Ring

We at Avita Jewellery advise you gift your partner an eternity ring during a special moment of your relationship. It should mean something to both you and your partner, whilst capturing your love and commitment to one another.

If you are thinking of gifting your partner with an Eternity Ring why not take a look at our beautiful collection on our website? You can also contact us today to book an appointment to discuss your personal taste and requirements.