Latest Engagement and Wedding Ring Trends You Need to Know

This year one of the biggest themes of most predicted trends is a unique element. Many couples are opting to put their own personal spin on their engagement ring and make it individual to them. Non-Traditional rings are on the rise and creating your own bespoke ring has never been easier. Keep reading to see some of the main engagement ring trends of 2023!

Bigger Centre Stones

An Avita Jewellery grey ring box containing a large round diamond engagement ring with an elegant gold twist band.

Many people have begun going for bigger rings, more carats. Lab diamonds have risen in popularity due to their affordability in comparison to natural diamonds resulting in larger diamonds being much more accessible. We see this continuing into the new year, with people jumping at the chance to get their dream ring within their budget.

Lab-grown diamonds have the exact same properties as a mined diamond allowing you to get a higher clarity/carat for significantly less. Additionally, Moissanite stones have the same benefit, being as sparkly as a diamond with a lower price tag. Browse our Lab and Moissanite engagement rings.

Toi Et Moi and Cluster Rings

A woman's hand, wearing a platinum engagement ring with rectangular and pear shaped diamonds.

Toi et Moi rings date all the way back to the 18th century, but have been seen all over celebrities’ hands lately, such as Emily Ratajkowski, Kylie Jenner and Megan Fox. Featuring two stones side-by-side rather than a single centre stone, this type of engagement ring is predicted to have a continued growth in popularity. Read our article on Toi et Moi rings here to learn more about them. On a similar note, engagement rings featuring clusters of multiple gemstones appear to be on the rise. Likely due to the rise in alternative styles and the affordability of different stones and lab-grown diamonds.

Eternity rings

We predict a major rise of eternity rings as engagement rings or wedding bands, even as male engagement rings. With a rise in non-traditional rings some women are opting for a full band of diamonds rather than the classic solitaire diamond. Many women who aren’t interested in the style of one larger stone, but still want that sparkle of a diamond and a separate engagement ring are now opting for simply stunning eternity bands. Eternity rings represent the never-ending love between two people, look at our range of eternity bands or begin to create your bespoke ring today. 

Step-Cut Rings

Emerald-cut diamond gold solitaire engagement ring being held within a grey ring cushion.

Rings with a step-cut such as emerald and baguette cuts have been really rising in popularity recently and will only continue to, likely due to their mesmerising effect of staring into infinite mirrors. Step cut diamonds and gemstones look stunning with a more vintage design, or to bring a unique element to a more modern setting, either way a step cut is a beautifully elegant choice. Browse our collection of Emerald-cut rings.

Non-traditional Gemstone rings

A women's hand wearing a blue sapphire trilogy engagement ring. Rich blue, rectangular, emerald-cut sapphire centre stone with a baguette-cut rectangular diamond on either side

For a while now, engagement rings with an alternative gemstone have been on the rise and we don’t expect this to stop anytime soon! Stones such as a rich blue sapphire, an alternatively coloured diamond or a beautiful pink morganite are becoming increasingly sought after by many brides-to-be. Having an eye-catching coloured gemstone can draw instant attention to your ring and allows you to show off your favourite colour, your birthstone or your partners birthstone, every day. Start creating your bespoke ring today.

Oval Cut

Now oval cut rings has been up and rising in popularity the past couple of years. But it is continuing to be one of the top shapes for brides to be to choose as their engagement ring cut. And we can see why with the gorgeous and timeless look this ring has. This diamond cut will never get tired and will continue be a timeless shape in the future.    



Statics have shown that the popularity for oval cut in 2015 was only at 2% and has gone up 19% in 2021. And this will then continue to go up in 2023! 

Three Stone Engagement Ring

Next up is the three stone engagement ring, also known as trilogy ring. This is another up comer for 2022. They have never really popular style to have the past couple of years. But late 2021 as started the trend of three stone engagement rings.

  Lucina 2.00ct Ring, Platinum

 Three stone engagement rings are a great option. This is because they have great flexibility and customization! At Avita we have lots of choice of metals. It is possible to customise elements of the Lucina ring.

Recently lots of different celebrities and influencers have been seen with a three stone engagement ring, for example Paris Hilton. Also, Grace Kelly had a three stone engagement ring. Similar to Paris’ ring, an emerald cut with two smaller emerald cuts either side. 


                                   Paris Hilton's                            Grace Kelly's
                                Engagement Ring                    Engagement Ring


Yellow Stone Engagement Rings

Yellow gemstone, also known as the citrine stone has come back into fashion. Now this gemstone has not been in fashion for at least a decade or more. But what comes around, must come back around! And we have seen this with this stunning coloured stone.


                      Citrine Gemstone                            @laurenbjewelery

Citrine gemstones are perfect for people looking for something very unique that not many people will have. As they are considered one of the rarest types of gemstone! As you can see, they are even more beautiful when put actually put into the ring.

Ethical Engagement Rings

Sustainability and being more ethical is becoming more important to people, as the planet is struggling with climate pollution and climate change. So, people are trying everything they can to do better for the environment.

This includes switching plastic bags with paper, you bar products instead of plastic bottles and now even engagement rings.

If you haven’t heard of lab diamonds, they are a more sustainable and ethical for the planet than a natural diamond. This is because they are grown and created in a lab. They are exactly the same a natural diamond. The only difference is how they are formed and the price.

 A lab diamond is around 50% less expensive than a natural diamond. Meaning you can get a bigger diamond for a more affordable price. At Avita we have a gorgeous selection of lab diamond engagement rings.So, if you want a more ethical engagement ring, check out our range the website.

So, if you want a more ethical engagement ring, check out our range the website.


Non-diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are forever, but some people want something more unique. There has been a rise in gemstones. This is because of the gorgeous colours they come in.

The moissanite gem is the most popular gemstone. With the moissanite stone you get the exact same as diamond but for less. They are also very sparkly and do not scratch easily as well.

The most second popular gemstone to have is a sapphire. This is from the early 80’s with Princess Diana’s being the main inspiration which has carried on decades later.

Sculptural Engagement Rings

We are seeing a rise in larger, chunky and sculptural ring designs. It is becoming very popular with a lot of proposers to have a chunkier band and not so much about the size of the diamond.

Chunkier banded engagement rings like this one are one of the newest engagement ring trends.