Should I Buy Diamond Jewellery Online in London?

When you’re shopping for that special someone, buying new jewellery can feel like a little like you have found yourself in some new land. You walk into a jewellery store in London, looking for a diamond ring for women or perhaps a beautiful oval diamond engagement ring, only to find the sheer number of choices overwhelming.

As you look at the multiple displays of custom engagement rings, your eyes gloss over and the precision details of the cuts are lost on you. Instead of subjecting yourself to retail prices and insurance being added onto every purchase with buzz words flowing out of every customer assistant’s mouth, have you considered shopping for those same items online?

Shopping online for your diamond jewellery gives you the ability to shop at your favourite brands and retail stores without stepping foot outside of your home. That means that you can still take advantage of the booming diamond jewellery market in London, and shop in England’s capital city, without needing to strike up a conversation with a stranger or deal with the other intricacies of high street shopping.

It's no secret that most of us are big fans of online shopping. It is also unsurprising that as a community of online shoppers we are mostly interested in shopping online for jewellery! Although, there can be a lot of hesitancy when it comes to buying jewellery pieces online. What if it's not to my liking? What if it looks different in person? These are common concerns of buying absolutely anything online, but we at Avita don't think that they should stop you. There are lots of positive reasons to be purchasing jewellery through the internet, and here are just a few!

The Endless Options

Have you ever entered a jewellery shop and found that they just don't have what you are looking for? Its happened to all of us! Therefore, so shopping online can be a much more practical option due to you having numerous options at your fingertips. You can easily browse our Avita site today and quickly find what you have been searching for. You won't miss out on any of our beautiful pieces as they are all right in front of you. No more asking sales associates, no more queuing and no more searching through aisles of stock that you do not want.

Shopping in Comfort

Sometimes shopping in a store can be a stressful experience, but with online shopping you can have the opportunity to browse beautiful pieces from the comfort of your own home. There's absolutely no stress whatsoever involved, and you do not have to drive to the store or pay for parking. All stress related shopping stereotypes can be avoided simply by loading up the

Coordinating Accessories 

Was it a gold heart pendant or a silver locket you bought her last year? Now you are trying to buy a bracelet to go with it but cannot remember which one it was. Shopping at home means that you can always have a sneak peak in the jewellery box then carry on with your Avita shop online, not leaving anything to chance!

Understand Diamond Cuts

Now that you’ve decided to shop online in London jewellery stores, you should have a cut guide handy to help you when you’re browsing through listings. Not all retailers have these guides, but top brands will have extremely helpful illustrations depicting each cut and what it looks like.

You may see listings that denote a ring as being a “halo diamond ring”. Halo engagement rings have one centre stone, surrounded by several smaller stones in a ring or other shape (such as oval halo engagement rings).

These smaller stones are usually pavé diamonds, but they can be other stones, as well. They are, despite some confusion, real diamonds. The high-carat diamond in the centre looks so different to the ones surrounding it because of the cut and clarity of the stones.

Other common cuts include princess cut diamonds, round brilliant diamonds, and cushion cut diamonds. These are just a few examples of the many diamond cuts that can be found nationwide.

What Should I Look For When Buying Online?

Whether or not you’re looking for bespoke diamond engagement rings, you should still consider your shopping journey to be similar to shopping in the Hatton Gardens section of London. Hatton Gardens diamond rings are considered to be some of the most fanciful engagement rings – bespoke or otherwise. The same can be said for other diamond jewellery found in the quarter.

Shopping for a ring means that you will need to know the ring size of the person you are shopping for. There are several ways to do this without going into a store, including using a flexible measuring tape.

Consider the jewellery that the gift recipient wears day-to-day and on special occasions. Try to picture them wearing the piece that you’ve found online. Every person has a unique style that they prefer, and few will deviate, even if the jewellery is gifted to them.