Promise Rings: The Gift She Will Never Forget

Here at Avita Jewellery, we think that taking the plunge and investing in a promise ring for your significant other is a sign of love and affection, though, rather confusing when there’s so many different types of rings to choose from. From purity rings, and commitment rings, to pre-engagement rings and promise rings, it’s easy to see why couples find the shopping process overwhelming.  

Eager to clear this up, here are a few facts and tips for those looking to make that promise. 

What Is A Promise Ring? 

You may well know that engagement rings and wedding rings are usually worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. This is a tradition born from the beliefs of ancient Greeks and Romans who thought there is a vein; known as the 'Vena Amoris' – or the 'Vein of Love' that runs from within that finger directly to the heart. The wearing of rings on this particular finger also symbolises a love without end, illustrating the importance of the sanctity of marriage.  

However, the meaning of a promise ring can vary from couple to couple. Although similarly to traditional engagement and wedding rings, they are usually given as a token and a symbol of commitment. Some couples use a promise ring to hint on a future engagement, and others use the piece of jewellery to reflect their relationship and devotion to each other. 

A promise ring basically does what is says on the tin. It suggests a promise is being made in the relationship, signifying that as a couple you are more than “just dating”. The ring can be used as a physical symbol to show the outside world of the partnership you have. At Avita, we’ve noticed an emerging trend in promise rings amongst couples that want to show their commitment but aren’t yet ready for marriage. 

The Origin Of The Promise Ring

The notion that a promise ring stands for undying love dates back several hundred years. The promise ring was originally named the ‘posy ring’, which were worn for the exact same reasons as a promise ring but with engraved romantic poetry. It’s been traditional to wear a ring on the fourth finger of the left hand since the ancient times. Although, promise rings have become hugely popular within the past decade. The majority of people think this is due to them becoming a trend with celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. Some famous owners of promise rings use the bands as a form of promising themselves to God;  Something that often gets confused amongst the mainstream trend. This kind of commitment is usually gifted and used by wearing a purity ring, not a promise ring - although they are both declaring a vital partnership. 

Promise Ring Etiquette

Promise rings are generally given after a few years of dating, when the couple are sure that they are committed and serious about one another. With regards to the sort of style, the common themes of a promise ring varies from hearts, to intertwined features in order to connote the union of two individuals. Most couples tend to go for a design that will eventually be completely different to the future engagement ring. Both rings serve a purpose, though many do not want both pieces to be at all similar. 

Different to engagement rings, there aren’t any rules at all when it comes to budgets. You should spend as much or as little as you like, but people generally spend significantly less. Most of the time this is because someone wouldn’t keep wearing a promise ring after an engagement. Additionally, they are almost always sold at a cheaper price as they are utilised by younger buyers who do not yet have the financial means to spend money on an expensive engagement ring. 

There is absolutely no correct or incorrect way to give your significant other a promise ring. The conventional ‘on one bended knee’ doesn't usually happen, but many do decide to give someone a promise ring on Valentine’s Day or a birthday. The gesture usually involves a meal for two and a discussion about the promise that is being made. 

For most couples a promise ring does usually lead to an engagement. So, if you are looking for a promise ring, take a look at our beautiful selection here. Avita promise rings are all individually hand crafted and made in London. Created with gold and real gemstones, they are guaranteed to make that special promise a moment to remember.