Valentine's Day Jewellery: Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Gift

Why Choose Jewellery for a Valentine's Day Gift?

Why is jewellery the perfect gift? Well, it can be worn everywhere being shown off daily, or it can be kept for special occasions. Every time she puts on the jewellery you got her; she will think of you. Every time she looks in the mirror or a friend compliments her jewellery, she’ll be reminded of your love for her.

Picking jewellery is the perfect opportunity to show that you really know your partner and what they like. Even better, is creating a bespoke piece of sentimental jewellery just for her. The entire process takes time, thought and effort which shows through the result of a stunning unique piece of jewellery personalised to her taste. We can create all kinds of unique, bespoke jewellery or take an already timeless item of jewellery and personalise it through engraving. 

What Jewellery Item Should I Choose?

Before deciding what jewellery to gift your partner for Valentine’s you should look at their current jewellery collection. Take note of what they wear often and what they wear for special occasions. Even take some photos to show your jeweller for advice! One main thing to take note of is their metal choice, do they only wear silver? Or only wear gold? Do they alternate but have a favourite for special occasions? This is essential knowledge for purchasing an item they’ll love. You want to buy something of a similar style to what they currently wear.


Earrings are a brilliant gift idea because they are a worn every day. Hoops, diamond studs, elegant dangling earrings are all amazing choices, these are a few examples, but you can also explore our earrings collection or contact us to create your own bespoke earrings.



One of our favourite items of jewellery to gift are necklaces. Shown above is a stunning personalised bespoke necklace that was created by a customer as a gift for his partner. It has pendants personal to them such as their child’s birthstone and initial, it also has a personalised engraving on the back of the moon as an extra special hidden aspect.


Another great item of jewellery to gift for Valentine’s Day are bracelets. We personally love diamond tennis bracelets like this one.

Our bestselling love knot bracelet is the perfect gift option, representing the everlasting unbreakable bond between two people. This silver bracelet looks stunning and elegant on any wrist!


Rings are a classic example of using jewellery to demonstrate your love for one another as people have done for centuries. A Valentine’s proposal can be beautiful however you don’t have to propose to get your partner a beautiful ring that symbolises your love. Whether you’re already engaged or just not there quite yet, a ring is still the perfect gift.

Eternity rings are a stunning choice, often used as wedding bands, celebrations of a child or to celebrate a length of time together. An eternity band is the perfect gift for valentines if you’re not planning to get married soon (or ever) because an eternity ring represents the eternal never-ending nature of your love. If you’re already married an eternity ring is the perfect addition to your stack and acts as a reminder that the love shown on your wedding day is everlasting.


Signet rings are one of our favourite options for him or for her. They’re rising in popularity lately and are extremely customisable like this gorgeous onyx signet ring we made for a customer previously.

Why Gift Diamonds?

Diamonds are the most precious of all gemstones and have been used for jewellery for many years, the first recorded use of diamonds in jewellery being in 1074 AD. Their durability is the reasoning behind their symbolic representation of never-ending love, but their endless sparkle definitely helps!

Alternative gemstone options

If diamonds aren’t your partners thing there are loads of gemstone options, if price is the concern Lab-grown diamonds are the perfect option. They are Identical to natural diamonds but cost less, due to a much quicker creation process, they are also more ethical. Browse our selection of Lab diamond rings or contact us to use Lab grown diamonds in another item of jewellery. If you want to go for something completely different than a diamond you can opt for rich blue Sapphires, iridescent opals, gorgeous pink morganites, deep black onyx or a whole range of other gemstones.

If you're unsure what to get your partner the easiest way to go is just to talk to a jeweller, It's our job to know jewellery! Book an appointment to see us, in person or online, and talk to us about your partner. Tell us your story and ideas you've had and we'll advise you on all things jewellery.