How To Buy An Engagement Ring In Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden is an area in London, well known for hosting a variety of jewellery businesses, big and small. It attracts visitors from all over the world for many reasons but one of its main attractions is its large variety of places to shop for handcrafted and unique engagement rings or wedding rings. If you’re not sure how to go about shopping for an engagement ring in Hatton Garden, then keep reading…

Do your research

Before coming to Hatton Garden, it’s a great idea to do some research.

Start by getting an idea what you’re looking for, explore diamond shapes such as oval and emerald, explore styles such as halo or solitaire engagement rings. When you visit Hatton Garden you will be able to try on a large variety of styles and rings which is great but can be quite overwhelming, even stressful, if you don’t have a brief idea of what you like already and the ability to communicate this. Jewellers will find it easier to show you rings we think you will like if we have an idea of the styles you are interested in and the styles you’d rather avoid. You may completely change your mind after seeing an engagement ring in person, but it can still be beneficial to go in with an idea of what your interests and options are.

It can be handy to research shops you may visit. Find out their opening hours, what they sell and if they are appointment only. Here at Avita jewellery we are an appointment only studio to allow each customer to have the time and attention they deserve to find their perfect engagement ring. It can be good to book appointments, even when it isn’t necessary, to prevent rushing around or missing out on places you want to visit. Scheduling appointments can help you space out your day nicely if you’re planning on visiting multiple places. You can later remember which order you shopped in, so you don’t lose track of your favourites! Book an appointment with us today to begin your journey to yes.

Enjoy the experience

When engagement or wedding ring shopping at multiple places it can be important to set time out into your day to take a break as to not overwhelm yourself. After an appointment you don’t want to be immediately running to the next one, allow yourself time to think about the options you have just seen and write down any information you don’t want to forget. Make sure to pace yourself and enjoy your day, it is the start of an exciting new chapter in life after all! Hatton Garden is the perfect location to stop for a lunch break, with Leather Lane Food market in the middle of it all full of almost any cuisine you can think up. Take the time to make it an exciting and memorable day out.

Figure out a general budget

One final thing to do before hand is to decide upon a budget. Jewellers will only be able to work within your budget if we know what it is. If you begin looking at rings without an idea on what you can afford you may be overwhelmed with options or create worry over costs. You don’t want to end up spending more than you can afford by setting your sights on a ring over your budget, figure out the styles you like and work with your budget to create to perfect ring at the perfect price.

Give your opinion...but trust the experts

Make sure throughout the appointment you give your opinion. The more you tell a jeweller that you like or don’t like certain features the faster it will be to get to the perfect ring for you. If you think you know your partner won’t like a ring you’re being shown, speak up. Although you should make your opinion known to help get to the perfect style, you also need to place trust in your jeweller, after all they have made many rings for many customers, so any strong suggestions are often for a reason. Such as going too thin on a band, which can cause it to snap later down the line. Feel free to enquire why certain options/styles may work better and ask any other jewellery knowledge questions you think will help inform your decision.

Things to avoid

A few tips before you head off to find your perfect engagement ring, there's a couple places/things/people to avoid during your Hatton Garden Experience. First, we recommend you avoid Marketplaces. Lots of the businesses within markets tend to open and close quickly. If your purchase comes across an issue it may be impossible to go back to the original jeweller for help. Another tip is to steer clear of any street vendors, stick to going into the shops themselves. Finally, be wary of pushy workers who may come racing out while you observe a window display. They will immediately attempt to pull you into their shop and encourage you to purchase their jewellery. In fact, avoid any jeweller who comes across pushy! Nobody wants a pushy salesman with a decision this important.

A brief history of Hatton Garden

The area is named after Sir Christopher Hatton who was given the land in the 16th century by Queen Elizabeth I. It has been associated with the diamond and precious stones trade since the 19th century, over time it became known for skilled craftsmanship, high-quality diamonds and expert work, a popular area with royalty and the wealthy. Now it is home to over 300 jewellery businesses and draws all kinds of customers in from all over the world.