Redesign Your Heirloom Ring to Fit Your Modern Style

First off - What is an heirloom ring? If you don’t know what people mean when they say an item of jewellery is an “heirloom”, keep reading. It simply means an item that is handed down through generations, it isn’t necessarily a piece of jewellery either, it could be furniture or artwork or many other things. However, throughout this article I will just be talking about jewellery. It may be a grandparent’s wedding ring, a necklace passed down for so long nobody remembers where it originated, or your mother-in-law’s engagement ring. And if you don’t have an heirloom item - that’s what well designed jewellery is for! Our jewellery is hand made to last generations in fact, our brand name stands for “heirloom” jewellery and we try to make every item worthy of handing down to your children and grandchildren.

Many people have heirloom items that they love and want to continue passing down but maybe don’t love the style or the item is in a state of disrepair. Below you can read all about the many options to use an heirloom item in your upcoming engagement. Including ways we can redesign your family heirlooms.

Ways to redesign your heirloom engagement rings

There are many ways to continue passing down your heirloom jewellery while keeping your ring unique to your tastes. Whether you have an heirloom ring that isn't quite you or your partner's style that you still want to involve, or you just need some advice on what your option are, we are more than happy to help just contact us after reading through this article!

Creating a new design involving your heirloom stones

Three stone yellow gold engagement ring, held. Created using heirloom diamonds - old ring shown above without any diamonds

The most common method of redesigning an heirloom includes taking the stones or diamonds out of your current ring and placing them in a new setting and band. If you want to explore some of our range of engagement ring styles to help you get an idea on your perfect ring then browse our diamond engagement ring collection or our lab diamond ring collection. This allows you to keep the elements that make up your current piece of vintage jewellery, preserving the sentimental value while updating the look and style to better match you and your fiancé. This creates something new and unique to you while still involving all the history of the heirloom. With this method your engagement ring is made to order new, and therefore ready to continue to be passed down for a long time to come.

Repairing your old jewellery

Maybe you don’t want a new design and are completely content with your vintage engagement ring, however your heirloom ring has already had its best days. You might want to replace a chipped stone or upgrade an older diamond to something with more sparkle, maybe the band is bent or flimsy and you want to reset the current stone into a new identical setting. Depending on the level of damage to the current item we can repair or replace aspects, or we can replicate an old ring to match with completely new setting and stone(s).

Create a replica ring

If your heirloom engagement ring is too damaged to continue using, or an old family ring has been lost or stolen, we can work together to recreate this ring. Using the old item, images or just memory, we can discuss and design a new ring that matches an heirloom you may have thought lost forever bringing it back for you and your future family to continue passing down.

Use an heirloom ring as inspiration

Some people have heirloom items that they cannot themselves use. Whether it is a parent’s ring that is still in use, or a ring already passed down to another family member, you can still take inspiration from an item you or your partner love. One beautiful way to pay homage could be to use the same gemstone in your new bespoke ring (if there is an alternative gemstone in the engagement ring or wedding band). Alternatively, we could create a custom ring with the same vintage band/setting but a modern diamond in your favourite shape/cut.

Alternative ways to incorporate heirloom jewellery (without proposing with it)

Do you want to incorporate an heirloom engagement or wedding ring into your wedding but want to propose with a modern ring or maybe you already have proposed with another ring? A great way to involve heirlooms and keep passing them down is to create a different piece of jewellery.

pear diamond necklace being held. centre pear diamond surrounded by diamond halo on a platinum chain.

We can use your heirloom gemstones to create bespoke jewellery such as necklaces, earrings, cufflinks and more. Items like these are the perfect gift to be worn on your wedding day, anniversaries, and other special occasions. This also allows you to continue to pass down the jewellery to your family and children sooner than an engagement ring. A single heirloom can be shared between siblings or even turned into multiple matching items for each family member to own a piece of the original heirloom.

In conclusion, there are countless ways to involve heirloom jewellery within your marriage, it is simply up to you and your partner how you want to go about it. If you are interested in having an heirloom item redesigned or involved in a new piece of jewellery simply contact us or book a consultation with an expert and we will assist you. We love seeing heirloom jewellery, hearing the amazing history behind it, and helping heirlooms stay with you for generations to come!