Creative Proposals That Will Make Your Partner Say Yes

When you decide you’re ready to propose the first thing you may think to do is find the perfect engagement ring. If you’re still looking for the perfect ring explore our Lab Grown Diamond rings or Book An Appointment to create your dream bespoke ring with an expert jeweller at our London studio. The right engagement ring is important, but you also need to begin thinking about how you are going to propose. You and your partner will treasure your engagement story for the rest of your lives together, proposing in a creative way that is personal to the proposee can make it that much more memorable and show them how much you know them and care. Below we have gathered a few unique and thoughtful ways to propose to help you plan your perfect proposal and take you one step closer to “Yes!”

Couple completing a puzzle

Puzzle Proposal

If you are a couple who enjoy a night in doing puzzles together a customised puzzle could be an exciting way of proposing. It’s personal and unique, perfect if your partner loves puzzles and doesn’t want a public proposal. It also leaves you with a sentimental keepsake to always remember the proposal by!


Propose where you had your first date

This is a beautiful idea when planning to ask someone to spend the rest of your lives together. It is individual to each couple as it depends where you had your first date, or even just a memorable date that was important to your relationship. Proposing the same way as your first date is very romantic as well as nostalgic, adding sentimental value and symbolizing your personal journey together. You could go as far to recreate your first date or just take inspiration from aspects of your first date, including elements the start of your lives together in your speech.

Proposing during a game night

This could be a wonderful way to involve important people from you and your partners life, you can host a game night with any friends and family you would both want to share the moment with. To execute the proposal itself you first have to decide which game to involve, you can do something more simple like charades and get her to guess or even act out the words prior to actually getting down on one knee and asking her the question. Another option that involves a physical game a bit more would be to print out your one cards, clues or pieces for a game. For example creating a personalised chance card for a monopoly game and sneaking it onto the board at the right time. This also presents the opportunity to include their friends and family in the actual proposal, they could help you set up for the big question, help you ask it or help minimise any suspicion. Alternatively, you could keep your plans entirely to yourself and surprise your friends and families too!

Using a crossword puzzle

A similar idea involving games but a tad more private is to propose using a personalised crossword or other word puzzle. Many people involve word puzzles into their daily routine, if your partner is one of these people you could start her day with a swapped out customised crossword and start her day with a beautifully private surprise proposal. Afterwards you could plan to do anything from a fun day out to celebrate, going to see seeing friends or family, to taking your fiancé on a surprise trip!

Involving a family heirloom

Now, this one is quite specific and can be done very differently depending on the scenario but if your fiancé-to-be is a very sentimental, family oriented person and neither of you have an heirloom ring this is a wonderful idea to bring familial history into your proposal. Some items you could use vary greatly depending what heirlooms you have. One idea is giving a different cherished jewellery item as a gift alongside your engagement ring when proposing. Another sentimental idea could be using the same ring box as a family member of your partner if there is not an heirloom ring available to you. Any of these ideas or similar ones will add a beautiful touch of history to your proposal and show you are remembering and valuing of your past’s when planning your future together.

Using a fortune cookie

This idea is a personal favourite of mine as a lover of Chinese takeaway. If you often have a takeaway date night or go out to a favourite restaurant where they give fortune cookies you can turn a lovely meal into an amazing proposal. Using a fortune cookie, you could hide your engagement ring inside, or if this is a step too far, hide your message inside a fortune cookie and have your engagement ring to hand for when she opens and reads it! The great thing is that this could be done during a cosy night in if you prefer a more casual and private proposal, or during a nice meal out with the help of a great restaurant. It’s entirely up to you and what you know your partner would prefer.