How to Choose the Right Men's Wedding Ring Style

Men’s wedding rings have really become more of a fashion statement the past few years. There are so many more options for men to choose from. And it can be quite hard to choose with all the options now days. So, to help you and put you at ease in this blog we are going to break down men’s wedding ring styles.


The first thing to consider when looking at wedding rings is the profile you want to have. So, there are several profiles. Each profiles gives a different look. The best thing to do would be to come into the studio and try them on. This way you can see what they look like on.

Band Width

The next thing to consider is how wide you want the width of your ring to be. There are many different widths ranging from 2mm to 8mm bands. We also do half millimetres in between too. It all depends on what you want. So again, the best thing to would be to come into the studio and try some sizes on and see what you like best.

Choosing a Metal

The metals you can choose from are platinum, gold, white gold and rose gold. We would say platinum is the most popular metal choice. But you can also mix metals. We have many designs with mixed metals for example platinum and gold.

Plain, Patterned or Alterative

Now is time to choose the actual design of your ring. At Avita we have a great selection of men’s wedding rings. Ranging from all different styles. We have very simple and subtle designs. Or we have something more eye-catching designs with patterns. Then finally we have more alterative designs that are very unique and not many people will have them.

Diamond Debate

Then we have the diamond debate. Deciding whether you would like diamonds or not in your wedding band. We have many different designs that have diamonds. You can have a very subtle diamond design, or you can go with something more out there with more diamonds. It is completely up to you and what you like.

Hopefully this has put you at ease and has helped you to narrow it down to what you want when choosing a wedding band. To book an appointment to come to our studio to try on wedding rings either call 020 8065 0391 or email we will look forward to seeing you!