How To Take Care Of Your Engagement Ring?

Now you have your gorgeous sparkly new engagement ring. You must be wondering how do I care for it. Today we are going to give you some tips on how to keep your ring as clean as the day you first got it!

We at Avita have years of experience in designing, creating and restoring fine jeweller, believing valued jewellery to bring pleasure for years to come. Many jewellery companies recommend having pieces professionally cleaned once a year, but there are numerous simple things you can do at home to keep your pressured jewellery looking its best for even longer. So, here's a guide to caring for your jewellery, we hope it helps!

Get Insurance

Insurance is very important for your engagement ring. It provides protection for your engagement ring if anything was to happen to it. If it gets stolen or broken insurance is very important.

Don’t Touch The Centre Stone

Even though it is exciting and new try and not to touch the centre stone of your engagement ring. As oils from your fingertips over time will leave residue on your sparkly stone. It will dull the sparkle if you keep touching it.

At Home Cleaning

You might not have a professional jewellery cleaner at home, but there are some things you can do to maintain the sparkle. Get yourself a microfibre jewellery cleaning cloth. You can get these online. This way you can just wipe down your ring at home, until it needs a professional clean.

No Harsh Chemicals

Try and keep out of contact with harsh chemicals. So, remove your engagement ring when getting in the shower/bath. When you are applying lotions and creams. Also, even when washing your hands if you can.

Remove Your Engagement Ring Before Harsh Activities

Make sure you remove your engagement ring before doing any harsh activities. This includes things like working out and running. Also avoiding contact with sharp corners to avoid scratching your engagement ring.

Professional Cleaning

Getting you ring professionally cleaned every couple of months is very important. As the professional cleaners get into every detail of your ring and keep it looking brand new.

Pre-wedding Clean

To ensure your engagement ring is looking it’s best, we would recommend a pre-wedding clean. Just before your wedding you should get it professionally cleaned to ensure your engagement ring is looking it’s best!

Store Correctly

Storing your engagement ring correctly is very important. When you are not wearing it, you should ideally be storing your engagement ring in the box in a cool and dry place. Or if you are placing it down for a few hours you should put your engagement ring in a ring dish. But for more safer and permanent storage the ring box is a better option.

This is how we recommend you care for your engagement ring and keep it clean. To ensure the best care for your engagement ring. If you are looking to add to your collection, be sure to look through some of our beautiful jewellery today.