10 Things You Didn’t Know About Diamonds

It’s sometimes intriguing to think why women are so in love with diamonds. While men often swoon over their new lawnmower, some women just want to know where their next diamond is going to come from. We at Avita believe that diamonds are the best; they sparkle, are long lasting, and often very symbolic. More often than not, they are bought to celebrate a unique moment in someone’s life, and the lives of people that they love the most.

However, whilst many people enjoy wearing them, there’s a lot more interesting facts about diamonds people don’t know. So, here at Avita we’ve put together some of the most interesting facts you probably didn’t know together. Enjoy!

  • In ancient times, it was believed by Greeks that diamonds were tears of the Gods. Although Romans thought them to be shards of stars which had fallen from the sky.
  • Historically it was believed that the diamonds worn by Kings would protect its wearer during battle.
  • The token of giving a diamond ring dates back to the 15th Century. This was when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gifted Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring in order to celebrate their engagement.
  • It is only diamond that can cut another diamond. Also it is only diamond power that can successfully polish another diamond.
  • Interestingly, green diamonds are made that colour due to radiation in the earth.
  • Diamonds can explode past boiling point as they are in fact heat conductors.
  • A diamond ring is placed on the fourth finger on the left hand due to it having a ‘vein of love’. This vein runs from the finger directly to the heart.
  • The very first diamond was used to polish axes.
  • For decades, seeds of the carob tree were used for weighing diamonds. It is from this that we now have the word “carat”.
  • Size does matter in the world of diamonds. A single, two-carat diamond is always worth a lot more than two, single-carat diamonds.

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