Toi et Moi Engagement Rings: The Perfect Symbol of Love

What is a Toi et Moi ring?

“Toi et Moi” is a French phrase that directly translates to “you and me”, these rings are called this because they represent two souls meeting as one, the love between ‘you and me’.  A Toi et Moi engagement ring features two stones side-by-side rather than a single centre stone, typically touching or leaning against each other. Historically, the ring tends to consist of two similar or identical shapes and cuts, with the main variable being one coloured gemstone for contrast. Today you can find these rings in a multitude of styles with the option of different shapes, cuts, sizes and then the option of different coloured gemstones or diamonds. More recently there has been a rise in Toi et Moi rings with different combinations of stones, such as a larger pear diamond paired with a smaller round stone that’s either a diamond, your partner’s birthstone or another coloured gemstone that may be sentimental to you. So many combinations exist making every ring truly unique.

How Do I Go About Creating My Own Toi Et Moi Ring?

If you want to gift your partner with a two stone/Toi et Moi ring (whether it’s an engagement ring, a present to show your love, or a representation for the love of a child) the best way to get your perfect ring is to go bespoke. Talking to an expert jeweller about your ideas and creating your dream ring from scratch guarantees that your ring is unique and sentimental for you.

The History Of Toi Et Moi Rings

Toi et Moi rings date all the way back to the 18th century. Famously, Napoleon Bonaparte gave his wife, the French empress, a stunning diamond and sapphire pear-shaped Toi et Moi engagement ring in 1796.

Famous Toi Et Moi ring Examples

This historic ring setting style has slowly crept its way back into popularity and we predict it’s here to stay for a while and will only rise in popularity.

Emily Ratajkowski received a stunning 2-carat princess cut diamond resting beside a 3-carat pear shaped diamond on a 18k gold band in 2018. “We liked the idea of two stones instead of one and spent a long time looking at rings with multiple stones for inspiration” said Emily Ratajkowski “At one point it included a ruby as the second stone, ultimately we loved the idea of the femininity of the pear contrasted with the architecture of the princess.”

Jackie Kennedy’s famous Toi et Moi ring consists of a 2.8-carat diamond accompanied by to a 2.84-carat emerald. Initially surrounded with tapered baguettes, later the First Lady’s engagement ring was upgraded adding 2.12 carats more of marquise and round diamonds to create the appearance of a laurel wreath.

Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi were gifted matching mommy and me Toi et Moi rings by Travis Scott. Kylie’s ring features a large pear cut diamond alongside a radiant rectangle diamond both around 4.5-carats. Stormi’s matching ring consists of similar pear and radiant diamonds, each about 1.5-carats.

Machine Gun Kelly proposed to Megan Fox with a Stunning Double stone ring that featured each of their birth stones. The ring holds a pear diamond around 3-carats beside an around 4-carat pear shaped emerald, the stones are set upon a double platinum curved band lined with smaller diamonds.

Arianna Grande’s two stone engagement ring features a stunning 3-carat oval diamond with a pearl rumoured to previously belong to her grandfather’s tie pin adding a unique sentimental value to the design.