10 London Locations for an Unforgettable Proposal

Are you looking at buying an engagement ring? Or maybe you already have, but you need a plan for your perfect proposal so the diamond in your hands isn’t the only thing that supplies a wow factor. If so, you’re in the right place. Below is a detailed list of some of my favourite proposal locations in London that are perfect for a local Londoner or anybody visiting who doesn’t know how to find some of our hidden gems.

1. River Thames Boat Trip

a blue, pink and golden sunset over the river thames with London's skyline in the distance and two medium-large boats floating on the water in the foreground

A boat trip along the river Thames is a beautiful and adaptable way to propose, picture eating a meal or having a drink in the open air with the sun setting over the water or standing on a deck floating past the area you had your first date. There are so many ways to adapt this proposal location to your relationship and budget as there are many different boats and experiences you can book. Whether you hire out an entire boat to yourselves or are aboard boat restaurant, stunning views of London are a guarantee. Additionally, it’s very easy to hide a photographer on a boat to capture the moment they say yes!

2. London sky garden

This location offers panoramic views of London from a nature filled rooftop garden and is free to visit. You can have a low-key proposal amongst the plants, sky and building tops or you can plan something more extravagant through contact with the venue and have something set up for your arrival such as candles, a sign or anything else (within reason) you can dream up. The garden itself is sheltered from outside weather with an open-air terrace along one side and there are multiple upscale restaurants or a café to celebrate in within the garden itself or locally as you’re in the heart of London.

3. Kyoto Garden, Holland Park

This beautiful, serene, and intimate Japanese garden hosts a waterfall, a koi pond, blossom trees in spring, Japanese maple trees year-round, colourful peacocks free roaming and is free to visit. Being in Holland Park it’s surrounded by 54 acres where nearby you’ll find the Dutch Gardens full of flower beds, the Siberica fountain and many beautiful green spaces to explore.

4. London Aquarium

Surrounded by rippling water, ethereal lighting, fish, penguins, sea turtles, sharks, jellyfish, and more is a magical place to decide to go down on one knee. Being indoors it’s perfect in any season or weather conditions and provides a wonderful day out alongside the proposal.

5. Kew Gardens

The world- famous Kew Gardens is a beautiful, picturesque 500 acres of woodland full of thousands of different plants and flowers. There is a multitude of striking areas within to pose your all-important question such as the palm house, the conservatory and wildflower botanical gardens. A UNESCO World Heritage site offering the world’s largest Victorian glasshouse, unique landscapes, iconic architecture, and the largest and most diverse collection of living plants in the world making this a truly one-of-a-kind proposal location. Despite being a popular place to visit the vast amount space allows privacy and is available to visit year-round.

6. Columbia Road Flower Market

This spot is in the centre of London, only open on Sundays from 8am till around 3pm. Proposing here you would be surrounded by beautiful flowers, we can’t think of anything more romantic. After asking that all important question you can turn in any direction to buy a celebratory bunch of flowers, and there’s side streets filled with an abundance of wonderful cafés, delis, vintage stalls, and galleries. You can fill the day with activities alongside celebrating. One quick point is that it can get busy on occasion so don’t do it directly in the market if your partner isn’t a fan of crowds or public proposals. Along that note however, it would be very easy to hide a secret photographer amongst the public to capture the moment.

7. St Dunstan in the East Church and Garden

This truly unique and historic location is set within the ruins of a Wren church. It consists of stunning greenery climbing and draping over the crumbled ruins, serene green spaces, benches, and a fountain. This place really is a hidden London gem, having survived the Great Fire of London and bombing during the Blitz, the ruins were turned into a public park free for anyone to visit. Multiple of the gardens are also available to hire for small events making this a perfect place for a surprise engagement party or to host a reception.

8. Horniman Gardens

The Horniman is brilliant museum in south London accompanied by 6 acres of Gardens, a butterfly house and even an aquarium. Being a museum, it provides the perfect cover story to keep your proposal a secret and is perfect for any animal-lover. There are so many beautiful spots within this location to pop the question such as amongst butterflies, under a bandstand with amazing views of London and within the glass conservatory surrounded by the gardens to name a few, that you could plan a specific execution, or you could just go and wait for the moment that feels right. The Horniman Museum and Gardens are completely free to enter and there’s a small charge to visit the Aquarium and the Butterfly House. Overall, it’s very low cost allowing you to save for a wedding and your future together!

9. Royal Observatory Planetarium, Greenwich

Whether your partner has an interest in space or just admires the stars, this is an amazing location to propose. Hosting one of the world's most noteworthy museums where you can learn about time, the creation of the first telescope and so much more. With shows led by expert astronomers you can get up-close and personal with space, at the start of time (as the royal observatory is where Greenwich Mean Time is measured) or you can hire the space out of regular opening hours just for your special moment. Other than admiring the stars, you can explore the surrounding Greenwich Park. Directly outside the planetarium is a spot providing amazing views of Greenwich and London, and a short walk from here leads to a flower garden full of seasonal flowers that bloom year-round with a small hidden deer park.

10. Mayfield Lavender Farm

This stunning lavender farm is slightly further afield, located In Banstead, Surrey – approximately 15 miles from Central London, but it is certainly worth it. Three different kinds of lavender occupy the 25-acres of this farm alongside a café and shop. The vast amount of space allows for a private proposal with a magical backdrop, afterwards you can buy a beautiful bunch of lavender and have a picnic lunch at their café with a drink to celebrate since they are a licensed to sell a range of alcoholic drinks including a unique lavender cider! The opening times are limited to summer months due to the lavender starting to bloom towards the middle of June, and peak times are between July and August.