What Is A Bespoke Ring And Why Should You Go For One?

There are many reasons why creating your own bespoke engagement ring is a great idea and here I will explain a few of them to you, but first what do we mean by bespoke? Simply put, a bespoke ring is a custom-made ring. Meaning that bespoke jewellery is completely one of a kind, and no one else will have your engagement ring. So, your design will be completely unique. A ring where you have chosen the individual design features that make up your perfect ring, while being involved in the entire process rather than only being able to make limited changes to an already finished product. If you're still unsure after reading this, book an appointment to discuss if a bespoke ring is the right choice for you.

Why Should You Invest In A Bespoke Engagement Ring?

Creating A Bespoke Ring Can Remove The Problem Of Too Many Choices

Currently, choosing which engagement ring can be overwhelming and stressful with many different options of pre-designed rings. However, by designing a bespoke ring you can think about the options relevant to you and combine only the aspects you love into your ring.

Your Ring Will Be Unique And One-of-a-kind

When creating your own design, you can be sure your ring is unique and one-of-a-kind because you have personally picked out each element of it; the band, the diamond or gemstone, the size, the setting, the metals used. No one else will have the exact same ring as you. This ensures your ring is your own, its personal to you and your tastes.

You'll Have The Freedom To Set Your Own Budget And Pick Your Materials

Being involved in the creation process and getting to select the elements that make up your ring, allows you the freedom to set your own budget. Instead of being restricted by looking at rings that already fall into your price range, you can state it from the beginning and design your dream ring around this. Each material can be chosen to fit you and your budget, such as using a lab diamond allowing you to have a bigger size stone.

You Will Create Memories Of Designing Your Ring And The Time And Effort That Was Put Into It

Whether you are designing an engagement ring for yourself, your partner, or you are designing it together as a couple, you will always have the memory of designing a ring personal to you. For years to come your engagement ring will hold additional sentimental value, created by the extra time, thought and effort put into creating it.

How To Go About Creating Your Bespoke Engagement Ring

Now you’re interested in designing a beautiful bespoke engagement ring for yourself or your partner, but don’t know how to go about it? One way to start would be to contact a jeweller whose products already catch your eye. Even better if it’s a jeweller who already advertises that they create bespoke rings! However, to streamline the process, remove the confusion, and give you some added security, we have created a Bespoke product and service.

Our Bespoke Service

When buying this product, you are purchasing a service in which we will talk and walk you through designing your very own bespoke jewellery. The price of this service will then be subtracted from your total cost when you decide to go forward with the production of your ring. Our service includes three main steps which are outlined in the product description. These three main steps include an in-depth consultation, reviewing a computer-generated image of your design and finally us creating your dream ring. 

Bespoke Consultations

To start (and throughout the entire process) we will email and message back and forth, discussing your budget and your initial ideas. Using your budget, we can suggest what is possible and what adaptions we can make to produce the design you want whilst keeping within the allocated amount. We will talk about your metal options such as whether you want a platinum, a rose gold, or a yellow gold band. We’ll discuss your Diamond and/or gemstone preferences: including shape, size, carat, colour, clarity.

During these consultations we will ensure you understand the information regarding these choices so you can truly make the best decisions. You’ll gain more personal knowledge about your bespoke ring whilst you’re involved in the process from the start of planning to the final product.

Creating a computer-generated image of your design

Once we have spoken about the individual choices and feel you have a strong idea of what you want we will move forward with producing a CAD image of your proposed ring. This will be a mock-up so to say created on a computer to show how your ring would look. This should help you visualise your ideas and make any small adaptions to the final product before it is made.

Making Your Ring


Once you decide you are happy to go ahead in having your design made into a reality, we will be able to provide a final quote for creating your ring with each of your previously discussed/chosen specifications. Then we will provide an estimated date of completion and a link to pay a deposit. Once this is done our expert goldsmiths will get to work carrying out the production of your dream ring.

Receiving Your Perfect Bespoke Ring

The real final step is receiving your ring, when making your final order you will be able to choose where to have it delivered to or to pick it up in person from our Hatton Gardens office in London. Once you have the ring our interaction doesn’t have to stop there! Feel free to; let us know how happy you or your fiancé is with your bespoke ring, interact with us through our social media, and leave a review on your experience. We are always thrilled to hear back from our customers, and to receive any images of you with your perfect ring.