How To Buy A Lab Diamond Engagement Ring In Hatton Garden?

Lab diamonds are becoming a much more popular option for engagement rings. Have you considered one? We are going to talk about purchasing a Lab diamond Engagement ring. If you are interested in finding out more, then carry on reading.

Reputable Seller

So, when purchasing diamonds, you need to find a trustworthy seller, Which Avita Jewellery is. We are reputable sellers of lab grown diamonds. It is important to find a reliable seller, so you know you are getting the best quality lab grown diamonds and at the best price possible. You do not want to be overspending on diamonds which are not the best quality.

Choose your Diamond Cut and Ring Setting

Now you have found a reputable seller, next is to choose your diamond cut and ring setting. So, if you are thinking about getting a trilogy ring this is important. Because instead of one diamond you will be getting three. And depending on the design you have in mind you might want them to all look alike. In that case we need to find three similar diamonds.

But if not then we can just focus on the diamond cut you would like. The most popular shapes are Round cut and Oval cut. But you could go for a more fancier shape like Pear cut or Emerald cut. It all depends on what you want.

Cut Quality

The cut quality mostly plays a big part to the diamond’s beauty. The cut quality is very important. It is best to look for a lab diamond that is excellent or ideal cut for an engagement ring. This will impact how the diamond reflects light.

Check Certification

Lab diamonds most dependable lab entity is the IGI. The IGI provides the colour and clarity grade for lab diamonds, ensuring what you are getting. GIA has also begun to provide certificates for lab diamonds. But there are not many of them yet, as this is a new thing they have started to do. Without a certificate it is impossible to know if your lab diamond is real or worth the price you are paying.

Colour Grade

When choosing a diamond, you want it to be colourless to the naked eye. You do not need to aim for the highest colour grade. Between D-F colour grade will give you a white looking diamond perfect for any ring setting.

Choose a Clear Diamond

When choosing your diamond, you want to make sure there are no inclusions or blemishes on the diamond to the naked eye. For lab diamonds this is normally means a clarity of VS1 or VS2.


Now you might have thought you have found the perfect diamond for your engagement ring, but there are many diamonds. So, it is a good idea just to check that if you have a great diamond and that there is nothing better out there compared to the one you have chosen. But there also might be nothing better. But is also best just to double check and compare.

Get a Second Opinion

If you are stuck between what diamonds to choose. It is also a good idea to ask a friend or family member for help to decide. But at Avita we can give you a great opinion on a diamond you have found and if it is any good. To make sure you are getting the best lab diamond for your engagement ring.

Make the Purchase

Now diamonds go very quickly. So, if you think you have found the perfect lab diamond for your engagement ring, and it fits all the qualities you want. Buy it! Because we can guarantee you it will go very quickly.

Here at Avita we are happy to give you a free consultation to help you pick the perfect lab diamond!

We hope these tips have made purchasing a lab diamond much easier. If you have any questions or enquires we would be happy to help you. Please make an appointment by calling 020 8065 0391 or email us