Why Should You Choose a Bespoke Engagement Ring?

Are you interested in designing a beautiful bespoke engagement ring for your partner? Well at Avita Jewellery we can create the most stunning custom engagement ring designs!

First, you might be wondering what bespoke means. Bespoke is basically a fancy word for custom. Meaning that bespoke jewellery is completely one of a kind, and no one else will have your engagement ring. So, your design will be completely unique.

Here are some reasons why you consider designing a custom engagement ring!

A Unique Design Of Your Own

This is a very basic reason. But no one else will have your design as it will completely be custom to you. Meaning it will be a one of a kind piece for you to wear.

Ease the Decision.

With lots of designs out there today for engagement rings, it can be quite overwhelming choosing a design you completely love. If you have an idea of what you want to design, you can make it yourself and make the decision much easier and not so overwhelming

Freedom To Choose Your Own Budget.

Overseeing your budget is very important. You can know what you want and how much you want it to cost. Then we can design a gorgeous custom design within your own budget.

Freedom To Choose Your Own Materials.

Also, when having a custom ring you are completely in charge. You can choose your own material and what you want. Some standard ring designs might only come in one material. But with bespoke rings you can choose your own material.

It Will Always Be A Memory.

When you make a bespoke you always have a memory of you making it. Coming in to make your design, how much time and effort you spend making the ring for the person you love. This will always be a connection to your engagement ring you designed and will be important to the family. And most likely become a family tradition to pass on the ring.

You are probably wondering the process of making a bespoke engagement ring.

The first step is to have a consultation with us. We take your ideas by either you sending us images of rings you like. Or we can physically look at rings and talk about what you like. We can discuss different ideas and options you would like.

Next, we will talk about the price of the ring. We will give you the approximate price of how much the ring will cost to make. Then you can go straight ahead with your bespoke ring by placing a deposit. Or if you are not one hundred percent sure yet we can offer you our Bespoke Engagement Ring Service if you are not ready to commit but still want to see your ring design would look like. We will design your ring on the computer, which will show you what it will look like before it is made. We will do this by sending it to you.

Then the process of your ring being made begins. All of our rings are hand made in London.

Once your ring has been quality checked we will let you know when your ring is ready for collection.