An In-depth Guide To The Trilogy Engagement Ring

What Is a Trilogy Ring?

A trilogy ring is essentially a ring with three stones, usually one larger gemstone in the centre accompanied by two smaller stones, one to either side. This is not always the case however as there are many different styles of trilogy ring as we will talk more on later.

The History Of Trilogy Rings

Trilogy rings were first noticed as an engagement ring style around the Victorian era. Diamonds were becoming slightly more common and accessible therefore they were being featured more on engagement rings. Trilogy rings then had a surge in popularity during the 1920s/30s due to the art deco period. Colourful stones were frequently being used as the centre stone with diamonds either side accompanying the main stone, adding a hint of maximalism and symmetry. Emerald or baguette cuts were also very popular for the side stones or even all the stones; with the balance of the three stones enhancing the symmetry and angles of the rectangular cut.

The Meaning Behind Trilogy Rings

The most commonly known meaning of a trilogy ring is “past, present and future”. The three stones are believed to represent the couples past, present and future. The memories, experiences and love built up over time, leading to now, are represented by the first stone. The next stone, usually being the largest, represents the present, the proposal, the marriage, the love they currently feel towards each other. Finally, the last stone symbolises their hopes and wishes for their future together.

Some people also believe in a spiritual meaning, interpreting the three stones meaning as the father, son, and holy spirit, or as the three stones representing the mind, body, and spirit of the wearer. Whatever you believe, we think the combined representation of love loyalty and commitment is beautifully romantic and we absolutely love the meaningful symbolism of a trilogy engagement ring.


Styles Of Trilogy Engagement Rings

It’s hard to describe the different styles of trilogy ring as the possibilities are endless. The only requirement being that it has three stones means you can customise it in every other way by changing the size, cut, or colour of any of the stones. Some more popular styles include the classic three round stones with the centre stone being considerably bigger than each side, or an oval centre stone with two small pears either side. There is no necessity for all the stones to be diamonds either! We have created some beautiful rings with a ruby as the centre stone, or two sapphires either side of a larger diamond, the world is your oyster.

As well as having any different combination of stones, you have a choice of metals too, platinum, rose gold or yellow gold can have very different effects on the style of your ring. Some people may opt for a very traditional trilogy ring, but have it set on a rose gold band to add a very modern element or lean into the art deco style and get a very angular ring with baguette sides and a coloured stone.

The main reason people opt for a trilogy ring is usually personal preference for the style however there is an added benefit of getting a larger diamond effect at a lower cost when purchasing a trilogy engagement ring. When looking at the three stones spread across the ring, an effect of more/bigger diamonds is created. Perfect for someone who wants a bigger impact without the higher cost of a large single stone ring!

We have a few trilogy rings in our range such as our Roma and Lucina rings, however we have made many stunning custom trilogy rings. If you have an idea of what you want just contact us or book an appointment!  There is no limit to the styles you can go for when creating your own bespoke trilogy.