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Diamond Weight:
Metal: 18ct Yellow Gold

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The Roma Cushion is a classic trilogy ring that is sure to please. Crafted with a larger cushion-cut Lab grown diamond in the centre, accompanied by two smaller round-cut lab diamonds. Its symmetrical trio of diamonds evokes balance and harmony. The Roma Cushion engagement ring is the perfect combination of subtle sophistication and timeless style, adding an extra sparkle and luxurious feel.

Diamond Weight options refer specifically to the centre stone's size and weight.

  • Band width: 1.80mm
  • Colour grades: D-F in colour (Brilliant White)
  • Clarity: VS-VVS visually clean
  • Cut & Brilliance: Excellent, Giving you a brilliant sparkle
  • Diamond Independently Certified

Lab grown diamond rings offer a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to mined diamonds. With the same physical, chemical and optical properties, synthetic diamonds offer the same beauty and brilliance, but at a more accessible price point. This means you can get a bigger or higher quality lab grown diamond for a similar price as a smaller natural diamond. 

All our lab grown diamonds are hand-picked, and each individual diamond is physically examined to ensure the best quality possible.

  • Colour grades: F colour or higher
  • Clarity: VS – clean to the eye
  • Cut & Brilliance: Excellent - Giving you a brilliant sparkle
  • Diamonds Independently Certified
  • Each diamond is chosen for you using the 4 C's and six other elements
  • Ethically made
  • More than 20 years experience in diamonds.

We understand that a purchase this important can be daunting, and we want you to be as happy in years to come as you are when you make your initial purchase.

With that in mind, every purchase comes with our unique Avita Diamond Guarantee. Within our 10-year guarantee we offer many services meaning you can buy from us with absolute confidence. 

What does the guarantee cover?

For more detail visit our 10 Year Guarantee page.


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