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Diamond Weight:
Metal: 18ct White Gold

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The 'Mabel' is a highly contemporary piece that still manages to retain a classic vintage styling. The centre diamond is held as if suspended in a 4-point claw, then surrounded in a circle of stones in an innovative contrast of precious metal. This means that the quality ring shaft has no need to sparkle and can let the centrepiece rightly dazzle. The 'Mabel' is available in a choice of precious metals and diamond weights to suit your jewellery taste.

Tip: Maybe have the halo in a different colour metal.

All our lab diamonds are hand-picked, and each individual diamond is physically examined to ensure the best quality possible. Lab diamonds are 50% cheaper than a natural diamond. But lab and natural diamonds look exactly the same!


  • Colour grades F colour or higher
  • Clarity: VS – clean to the eye
  • Cut & Brilliance: Excellent- Giving you a brilliant sparkle
  • Diamond Independently Certified
  • Diamond hand inspected and examined by 2 experts
  • Each diamond is chosen for you using the 4 C's and six other elements
  • Ethically made
  • More than 20 years experience in diamonds.
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