Avita’s Triple Promise

We are a little old fashioned in our view of what a jeweller is. We believe that your jeweller should really care about each and every piece of jewellery that you buy, whatever the price point, and we are take our responsibility towards the whole process, from manufacture to purchase, very seriously indeed.

As such, we adhere to the Avita Triple Promise through our values of quality, price and ethics.


In an age of mass manufacturing, we make no apologies for taking a wholly different approach. We prefer our jewellery to be finished by hand. Most of engagement and wedding rings are made in the UK. All of our jewellery is solid and designed to last generations. You will also notice that we only make our rings in two precious metal standards -18ct Gold and Platinum. These are the two best standards to make jewellery that will last a lifetime and so we do not compromise. Quality that is guaranteed to last shouldn't mean a price tag that is beyond your reach.


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With no middle-man and no expensive retail stores to cover, we are able to deliver high-quality jewellery at an affordable cost. By passing the savings on to you, you get an exquisite jewellery piece without any lessening of quality.

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At Avita, we have a responsibility to how we source the diamonds and metals that we use to make our unique range of engagement and wedding rings. By subscribing to the Kimberly process, an initiative started by the United Nations, we can be confident that we are running our jewellery business in an ethical manner. The process tracks diamonds from mine to retailer, thus eliminating the risk of buying a conflict diamond.