How To Choose A Wedding Band That Fits Your Engagement Ring?

When choosing a wedding ring there are three different options you can do. To make sure that your wedding band fits your engagement ring perfectly. The options are remake your engagement ring to fit your chosen wedding band, have a pinch design wedding ring, or finally have a custom-made wedding band.

Let’s talk through the options!

Remake Your Engagement Ring

The first option is to remake your engagement ring. This would be if your engagement ring centre diamond is too low. This means that the wedding band would not be able to fit snug and comfortably under the centre diamond.

Can you see how nicely the wedding band fits underneath the engagement ring. This is how the wedding and engagement ring should fit together. In other cases, if your wedding and engagement ring do not fit like this the best thing you can do is to alter the ring and have it remade. This could just be a simple changed like making the centre diamond sit higher, so your wedding band can fit under it comfortably.

Pinch Wedding Ring

The second ring would be a pinch design wedding ring. This is a wedding ring with a little pinch in the centre if it so that the centre diamond can fit comfortably with the wedding ring. That is why it is called a pinch wedding ring, because of the little dip in the middle of it.

That little pinch design allows your engagement ring to fit nicely on top of this ring design. This is the best option out of the three if you do not want to either remake your engagement ring. Or have to go for a custom design to fit your engagement ring.

Custom Made Wedding Band

The final option would be to have a custom-made wedding ring. This would be having a custom-made wedding band that fits your engagement ring. This would most commonly having a curve in the wedding ring, so it fits around the diamond in the engagement ring!

As you can see all these ring designs have a curve design to them to allow the engagement ring to fit them. This is the best option for a wedding ring if you do not want to alter or remake your engagement ring.

Overall, these are the best options we recommend when it comes to choosing your wedding ring to fit with your engagement ring!

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