3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Jewellery

We at Avita have years of experience in designing, creating and restoring fine jeweller, believing valued jewellery to bring pleasure for years to come. Many jewellery companies recommend having pieces professionally cleaned once a year, but there are numerous simple things you can do at home to keep your pressured jewellery looking its best for even longer. So, here's a guide to caring for your jewellery, we hope it helps!

Store Jewellery Separately

You should certainly think about the way you store your jewellery. Different gemstones have different adaptability and some can easily scratch or knock each other if stored together. The best way to avoid this is by keeping jewellery in soft-lined compartments and take care to close any fastenings so that items doesn't tangle or catch one another.

Jewellery should always be stored away from sunlight, or any extreme weathers. Try to keep the packages and boxes that the piece comes in, it's usually the easiest and most protected place to keep  the piece from dust and damage.

Gentle Cleaning

If you wish to keep your jewellery in tip-top condition you should occasionally clean it by removing any dust, oils or contamination. You should always lean to the side of caution and use simple, non-abrasive materials like soap and water, with a soft toothbrush. Be careful not to be too rough whilst you clean your jewellery. Plus, it must be rinsed and dried thoroughly afterwards.

Wear With Care

You should always put your jewellery on last when dressing. This is so that your jewellery doesn't catch on any of your clothing. Plus, you should apply hairspray and make-up first to avoid contaminating rings, necklaces and bracelets. Be especially careful to remove any jewellery before doing any manual work, which includes housework as pieces could get knocked.

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